Weller-Sparling Library & Computer Centre

In 2006, Jill Weller, Walindwa’s founder and president, made her first trip to Kenya and the Children’s Centre. The trip was led by Pastor Ray Sparling and proved life-changing for Jill. While there, she felt God’s call to help marginalized and abandoned children in Kenya in a larger way and began to plan a year-long mission trip to Kenya.

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COVID-19 in Kenya

I normally take trips in February, June and late October. Even though I missed the June trip because of COVID-19, I keep the kids very close to my heart. I stay in weekly touch with the EBCCK board members and one of the primary teachers, but of course it's not quite the same, even in the advanced technology age with Zoom and Skype.

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On one of my trips, one of the guests taught a class on Astronomy to the high school and primary students. We planned on looking at the stars later that night with the kids, but unfortunately it started raining heavily in the late afternoon and so there was no chance of that happening. We headed home just before dark and I knew it would be a difficult drive in the dark and rain.

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