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Meet Freddy & Brenda

Freddy and Brenda Carrillo are relatively new members at San Pedro. They started attending after their son, Nico, became our Director of Youth Ministries. They have long-standing roots in San Antonio, and they have a lot passion for the Lord that shows up in the way they give of their time and talents.

Recently, Freddy and Brenda have been helping to launch our 9:00 am contemporary service. Freddy runs sound every week and fills in as musician as needed. Freddy still plays with his musical band ("Horizon") around town, specializing in a wide variety of music. He also founded RBC Music store and sheet music distribution in San Antonio many years ago.

Brenda adds to our hospitality ministries by making home made treats and snacks for the participants at the early service. She's also an educator, serving local students for over three decades.

Freddy and Brenda are a blessing to our church family, and because of them we've got Nico on our staff! Their daughter, her husband, and their other son have also been helping us at the early service. They'll be worshipping at 9:00 am through the end of June - after that we'll make adjustments and gear up for the relaunch of the service in September. We're grateful for new folks who give so much to our church family.

May 30, 2023
Crossroads Update

About 20 years ago, the idea of a cross wall was created and named, "Crossroads" on our main campus to show the crossroads the families of San Pedro Presbyterian Church had experienced. It was requested that each family seek out and contribute a cross that symbolized an important moment or event in their lives. The crosses were chosen for a variety of reasons. Some were to memorialize a loss or a difficult situation like an illness, or the death of a loved one. Some were to celebrate a new beginning like the birth of a child, a marriage, a new home, or overcoming a difficult situation. Some crosses were donated to members by other members as personal gifts for a graduation, a promotion, or a new job.

All in all, these crosses span several generations of “life” in this church as well as the people who fill it each day. If you would like to learn more about the significance of each cross and the families who contributed, there is a book in the fireside room with a picture and a history of each cross.  It is important to remind old and new families who and what embodies San Pedro Presbyterian Church.

If you haven’t done so already, please bring a cross to add your footprint to our wall. 

Betty Hayes
May 23, 2023
Mission Presbytery - Servants Needed

San Pedro is a member of Mission Presbytery, PCUSA. We will be hosting the June meeting on June 16th and 17th.

From their website:

  • Mission Presbytery consists of 134 churches in South Central Texas. Geographically this is an area that stretches from the Rio Grande Valley to Del Rio, into the Hill Country as far north as Adamsville, southeast to Collegeport, south to Brownsville and places in between, including Austin, San Antonio, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. The population of Mission Presbytery includes over 300 Teaching Elders and approximately 21,800 lay members.
  • It is a governing body with responsibilities for oversight of its teaching elders and churches.
  • It is a community of Presbyterian churches engaged in ministry and mission for our Lord.

With 134 worshipping communities and over 300 teaching elders, not many of us can claim to know everyone in the presbytery. The hope of this web page to enable us to have more of a sense of being the Church together.

We are hosting the June regional presbytery meeting, which consists of welcoming folks who have not been on our campus, providing food and fellowship space for the Friday and Saturday meetings, and providing a worship opportunity for the Saturday morning meeting. We need a lot of people serving in various capacities. Sign up below.

Sign up to volunteer HERE

May 22, 2023
Sunday Morning Teachers

San Pedro is blessed with a host of education opportunities for saints of all ages. Every Sunday morning, adults have three new opportunities to learn with other believers during the 9:00 am hour. Skye Tandy teaches a class for women, Mike Tandy teaches a co-ed class, and Eric Mapes teaches a co-ed class.

Some heavy truths: You help other people grow in their faith. Everyone around you is influenced by you. Whether by your intention or youe omission, your actions, words and choices impact people in your community. You either help them move toward righteousness or brokenness.

So it is essential for you to continue growing in your knowledge of God through God's word. The journey of drawing closer to Christ through small groups of believers was how the church was formed. And at San Pedro, we have three teachers committed to offering creative, interesting and dynamic learning opportunities every Sunday morning.

Got questions? Sign up on your Connection Card or ask questions at church.

Eric's class - Main Building 9:00 am Parlor Room

Skye's class - Arnold Building 9:00 am room 106

Mike's class - Arnold Building 9:00 am room 104

Adult Education Team
May 15, 2023
Choir Room Update

A group of music loving choir members got together to make quick work of sorting, clearing out, and preparing our music files for the latest updates to our choir room. For the past two years San Pedro's been making major renovations to buildings, roofs, and grounds. The latest upgrade in the Arnold Building is the music office and rehearsal space.

Pictured is our beloved Music Director, Mark Twehues, with faithful friends and singers after a quick project to ensure our music library is safely secured for the next phase of renovation. The "grand opening" and big reveal will officially take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 28th.

Music Department
May 8, 2023
Sock & Shoe Drive update

The collection of socks and shoes took place the Sunday after Easter. On one day, San Pedro Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, TX collected 3,00+ pairs of socks and 1000+ pairs of shoes for local non-profit agency - Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM).

Pictured is Dianna Grippi from San Pedro with CAM's Mary Henderson (Volunteer Manager) with our full delivery.

Llearn more about Christian Assistance Ministry from their website HERE.

Missions & Outreach
Apr 26, 2023

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